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Wedding Bridal Car services in Warwickshire and the surrounding area

About BD Bridal Car

Who am I, what do I offer, and why do I do it?

Who Am I?

I’m Brian David Carr, and I own and operate BD Bridal Car. I’m born and raised in Leamington Spa, and have spent my life in Warwickshire.

Using my knowledge of the area, I offer a simple, classic wedding bridal car service with a friendly face (and maybe a joke or two!) to put you at ease on your wedding day.

Why Do I Do It?

After buying the car I’d always dreamed of, my niece and her fianc√© asked me to be their wedding day chauffeur.

I was delighted to do it, and enjoyed it so much that I decided I’d like to do it for others too. It always thrills me to be able to help out in a couple’s special day.

Brian was just what we wanted on our wedding day, we couldn't have asked for a better bridal car service!

Clare Jackson, May 2019

The Car

What better way to arrive at your wedding than in the iconic Jaguar S-Type in classic Frost Blue.


The interior of the Jaguar is luxury defined, making sure you're comfortable and calm on arrival.


The Jaguar S-Type is the most iconic of all wedding cars. Arrive for your big day in classic style.


The car is in pristine condition both inside and out, and will always be sparkling ready for your big day.


To enquire with BD Bridal Car, simply complete the form and include as many details as you can about what you’re looking for. Feel free to ask any questions you might have!